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Wędrownicza Watra (WW)

Is an annual, educational event organised by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) for rovers and rangers who get together to share their experience and enjoy common programme, make life-long friendships, learn skills, enjoy adventure and great atmosphere both when hiking, camping, singing by the campfire and having discussions about scouting, societies and life around them.


Would you like to join us?

Necessary information:

Wędrownicza Watra consists of two parts:
- HIKES all over Poland or abroad
- Wędrownicza Watra main CAMP - common camp, where all patrols meet after their hikes - to spend the last days together and enjoy common programme


Dates: 20.08.2019 - 01.09.2019
- 20-27.08.2019 - hikes
- 28.08.2019 – transfer day, the transport will be arranged by organisers (depending on the location, additional charges might be required)
- 28.08 – 01.09.2019 - WW main camp


The hikes will be spread around Poland (some of them might happen outside Poland). Each of the international patrols will be matched with Polish partner patrols and do the hike with them.

The main camp will take place in: Scout Centre „Pająk” Częstochowa ZHP District 42-274 Konopiska, Poland


We invite all rovers and rangers aged from 16-21 to a part of this adventure. Each patrol should have 5-10 participants with at least one leader aged 18+ who will take the responsibility for the patrol. Please make sure that the person in charge has the qualifications required by your own scout/guide organization and the country of origin and will be able to have with her/him the documents that prove those qualifications. Each patrol member is required to obey the Scout and Guide Law during the whole event. Be aware that it is forbidden to drink alcohol or smoke during the camp. We kindly ask every participant to respect these rules as well.


Payment for patrols

The cost of Wędrownicza Watra consists of two parts:
1. 125 PLN per person – participation fee for the main camp.
Deadline for payment: 31 May 2019
2. Fee for participation in hikes, which will vary depending on the programme and location of different hikes (between 100-200 PLN per person)

Applications and payment for IST

The applications will be run separately and described at http://watra.zhp.pl/eng.html. We invite IST to work during the camp. The IST participation fee is 50 PLN per person. Application form

Partner patrols:

Both during the preparation and the event itself the partner patrol system will be in place. Each international patrol will be coupled with a Polish patrol. The partner patrol will accompany you and support you throughout the entire event – during preparation, hike and main camp. You may discuss the range of your cooperation before you actually meet. We will put you in contact when the registration is closed.


The language of the event is Polish and English, so all the international participants should possess the level of English, which will allow them to communicate, take part in the programme and conduct activities. All the activities offered to international participants will be conducted for you and by you in English.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding applications (size of patrols, questions about activities proposals or hikes) or any other, please contact us at international.watra@zhp.pl.